Privacy Policy

To ensure your information safety in an era of increasing cyber crimes, we at Instant Loans For People On Benefits take lot of care for protection of your information for getting into wrong hands.

To ensure your data protection we have a dedicated security team that takes care of data protection and user integrity.

The privacy policy of Instant Loans For People On Benefits ensures that your identity and personal information is managed carefully. The team here makes sure that your information reaches the lenders in a secured manner.

We have a cyber security professional team which is completely dedicated to prevent any sort of identity or information theft. The information is well encrypted, so that even if there are any attacks on the system no one would be able to decode your information.

We have also put one option of anonymous browsing. So you can browse through the services such as doorstep loans for bad credit and you will not have to provide any information to anybody.

We also have cookies functionality made active for the effectively secured browsing which is a text based file which understands your preferences and provide you services accordingly.

These cookies can be disabled according to your needs and you can still browse through for doorstep loans for bad credit without any fear of data leaks. We handle your data with care and prevent of any loss of information to a third party.

Thus you can live tension free for your identity to stay intact. Your information is filled in to a secured database, the unique security code for which is only possessed by you. So now you can easily apply for loans without any fear of mishandling of your personal data.

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