Before getting ready to apply with, it is necessary that you should carefully review our privacy policy. This is included in the website. So, you can now visit the online page and can know our privacy practices. One thing you must note here is that your privacy is our priority and we are committed to safeguard your privacy. Moreover this online page will also tell you about our collection, sharing and disclosure practices.

We are not lenders but we work with reputable lenders who are efficient. So, here the personal details furnished by the borrower will be forward to registered lenders in order to match loan offers. We never allow unlicensed lenders to fetch any information about you through us. We have designed a safe and secure online application medium which the borrower can use to apply for desired loans.

It should be noted here that can be accessed simply for personal reference. This means if you are here to get some information about loans then you can do that without even disclosing your identity to us. However if you are here to get hold of loans then you will be required to apply for loans and for that we will need some basic information about you which should be enclosed in the online application form which is just a few clicks away from you.

Details which should be entered in the online application mainly include personally identifiable details like name, physical address, email id, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, employment details, citizenship status, information about home ownership, frequency and amount of pay checks etc. Installment Monthly Loans search for this information in order to make sure about your identity. Moreover we will also need your contact information to notify you about upcoming offers and our products and services.

Besides, we also look for some non personal identifiable details from the borrower. This mainly includes IP address, access time, browser type and language, pages which have been viewed by the borrower, other sites which have been accessed by him or her etc. These details are important in rating our performance as a website. Above all, it tells us whether or not we need some improvement.

Some third party links are available at our site. You must access these links after patiently reviewing their privacy policy and terms and conditions. With time Installment Monthly Loans upgrade the older version of privacy policy to serve user more efficiently. So, it is necessary the borrower must go through this page whenever he or she accesses our site.

Cookie Policy

What is meant by cookie?

Instant loans for people on benefits like most of other websites use cookies as a useful functionality for the website. The reason why cookies are applied is to improve the user experience while browsing this particular site. It should be noted here that a cookie which is a small text file has been basically programmed to collect some information about browsing of this site by the user. So, one can expect a better performing site if cookies have been allowed on this site.

These small files namely cookies which are applied to this site Installment Monthly Loans are usually generated when the user's browser loads this site. Cookies are supposed to carry some information and will be stored in the computer hard drive of the user. These little packets of data are useful in improving the processing of the website.

Cookies are small in size and thus absorb very little space from the computer and are harmless. So, these small files can be allowed to be applied by Installment Monthly Loans. Most importantly these small text files are not capable of storing any personal details about the user from his or her computer.

One must note that cookies are unique for a particular browser for it will be gathering browsing information on this specific web server. It is because when the website has been again accessed using the same browser the information collected in the cookies can be retrieved. Cookies can gather details about the preferences of the user and thus assist the website to tailor its operations accordingly.

Cookies installed at Instant loans for people on benefits will contain some anonymous information like unique identifier, site name and some digits and numbers. All this has been described in our cookie policy which should reviewed carefully by you. If cookies are not included as an additional feature then the website will treat you as a new user whenever you access this website.

What is the purpose of cookie?

Cookies are important to make interaction between user and website easier and smoother. Besides, these small files also save time and ensure to make the browsing experience of the user more efficient and enjoyable. Above all, cookies help the website analyze about the web page traffic to this site. In other words it helps the website to determine the overall size of audience to this site. Besides, other set of information like IP address, access time, browser type and language, the source from where the user came to know about this site, the pages that have been accessed from these sites, other links which have been visited by the user etc. Cookies have also got some marketing and advertising uses.

How to disable cookies?

Cookies can easily be disabled by making changes in the browser settings.


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